Your first session will include a 30 minute consultation, free of charge. At your consultation we will discuss your history, what you are experiencing, and your goals for the work. I’ll answer any questions you may have, then we will create a plan for how we’ll work together.  

After your consultation, we will begin your series. Each session involves assessment, bodywork, and movement education that will help you find more ease in your daily life. Treatments are done on a massage table, seated on a bench, or in various yoga-like postures that support your ability to release deeply-held posture and movement patterns. Sessions last about 75-80 minutes, with 10-15 minutes for check-in/out. 

While I'm happy to customize the work to any number of sessions, the basic SI series, as I offer it, usually involves about 12 sessions. It's based on a general framework, but each session is tailored to you individually. The series is a comprehensive transformational process that can support most people to make dramatic changes in the way they think, feel, and move. Most people prefer to come every 1-2 weeks, though it still works well to schedule sessions up to a month apart.