A friend recommended Daniel to me, and I have not been disappointed. I always had a sense that I would respond well to Structural Integration, and, as Daniel practices it, I was right. I’m almost half-way through the 10 week cycle, and we’ve taken a few side-steps to attend current issues with my body, but the overall process has really loosened up areas that have felt really stuck for a long time. I’ve spent 35 years in construction, there’s been a lot of opportunity to get feeling sticky, but I really feel it is getting unwound, and I move with more freedom than I dared hope I could recover. Daniel’s method is calm, assured, respectful and he seems to adapt well to individual needs.
— J.B.
Dan was always patient and attentive. I knew immediately that he had practiced for a long time. His touch was always confident and sure, yet careful and sensitive. As a dancer/mover, I have found this work extremely transformative, even life-changing. In addition to the integrative work itself, it furnished me with a great deal of information (intellectually and somatically) that is priceless.
— T. E.
I’ve had chronic pain in my knee and hip for a couple years following a bike injury. I’d sought PT a couple years ago but never have been the same since. A day after my session with Dan I was able to bend and move my knee without the pain I’d previously had, in fact, I couldn’t believe one session had such profound results! I also really appreciated the education he provided around how to walk, stand, and more consciously move my body to avoid future injury and maintain wellness.
— V. F.
I’ve had two sessions with Dan. It’s been amazing. Each appointment brings changes to how my body feels and functions. I’m more aware of how I move and my movement feels more efficient. Difficult to put into words, but so worth it.
— T. H.
Dan was very knowledgeable, patient and welcoming. His process was very interactive as we moved step by step addressing issues of concern and then walking around to feel the difference and provide feedback. It was a very educational session.
— N. S.
I am mid-way through a series of SI sessions with Dan. The work is fantastic! I feel my body becoming more flexible and less block-like. Dan is conscientious, spot-on, compassionate and very good at what he does. SI helps my body evolve and feel younger at the same time; an interesting combination of vitality and relaxation. Try it!
— M. S.
Dan is extremely knowledgable. A few months back I was having problems with my hands and was worried I was going to have to stop working. In a few sessions my pain was completely gone :) I highly recommend his work.
— L. C.
Dan is fantastic; perceptive, efficient, very caring. I have had lots of Structural Integration and Rolfing over the years and Dan is right up there. My body is lighter, centered, and moving more gracefully. Dan’s work is evolutionary for body and soul!
— M. S.
Dan is top notch!! He is a one of a kind bodyworker who looks beyond just offering a traditional massage, but rather, offering lasting solutions to your nagging aches and pains.
— M. Z.
I have been getting massages every month from Dan for about 5 years. His work has helped me reduce general stress and pain, as well as strengthen my knees and ankles. He combines the best of technique and intuition in therapeutic massage and structural integration bodywork. He has a great personality and possesses a wealth of wellness information. Dan is very good, based on my experiences with his work, as well as, my training and experience as a former massage therapist doing deep tissue work for 10 years.
— K. W.
I came to Dan for a session and all my expectations were exceeded. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. He used the right amount of pressure and focused on my needs as a client. I would recommend Dan to anyone who cares about their well-being.
— L. R.