My office is located inside the ActivSpace-Raleigh building. There is another ActivSpace building just a few blocks away, on Lovejoy - don't confuse them! The address you want is: 

1722 NW Raleigh St #315

Portland, OR, 97209



    Getting Inside & Up to My Office

    • Locate the elevator, next to the main office.
    • Dial 315 [CALL] so I can buzz you in.
    • Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor, then exit left.
    • #315 is the last door at the end of the hall. 
    • I'll open the door to greet you at our scheduled time. 

    If you need to call/text, you can reach me at (503) 410-3776. If I'm with a client, I won't answer, but will reply ASAP.  

    While You're Waiting

    • If possible, please try not to arrive more than 5-10 minutes early.
    • There is a restroom in each hall, and a chair on the 2nd floor where you can sit. 
    • For food/drink, The Sultan Cafe and PlayDate PDX are the closest options. 


    There are free 2-4 hour spots all over the surrounding blocks, and metered zones beyond that.

    Be sure not to park in the ActivSpace lot, it's permit-only.



    There are plenty of places to lock your bike on-site. The rack in the photo is just around the corner from the ActivSpace main office. There are also places to lock up on the surrounding streets.  

    ActivSpace does not allow bikes inside the building.


    Here's a slideshow that walks you through the steps of getting inside the building:


    What to wear for your session

    • If you have breasts, they need to be covered - something two-piece, like a bathing suit or bra and underwear, will typically suffice.
    • From the waist down, underwear or close-fitting shorts are fine. I keep a few pairs of lined running shorts on hand, in case you need or want to wear them. 
    • It generally helps if your clothing allows easy access to the skin of your upper legs and back, but you are always welcome to wear more clothing if you prefer. Your comfort and dignity are most important. Please take care of yourself. 
    • My office is well-heated and well-ventilated. I am always willing to make adjustments for you, or offer to cover you with a sheet or blanket while we work.  
    • Please avoid fragrances, as they can linger and irritate others. 

    Rescheduling & cancellation

    • All cancellations require 24-hour notice or the full session fee may be charged. 

    • You may cancel or reschedule via the link at the bottom of your appointment confirmation email, or contact me directly via email, phone, or text.

    • If you have an illness, injury, or surgery, please contact me so a decision can be made about rescheduling.   

    Thank you 

    Thank you for your interest and trust in choosing to work with me. I sincerely appreciate the resources you are investing in our work together, and intend to honor your commitment to the best of my ability.    

    You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions or concerns: 


    (503) 410-3776