I have found this work extremely transformative, even life-changing.
— T.E.
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12 progressive sessions, 12 distinct exploratory themes



  • Session 1 Ease of breath.  
  • Session 2 Support in the legs & feet.
  • Session 3 Lateral adaptability. 
  • Session 4 Differentiation of the shoulders, arms, & hands. 
  • Session 5 Rotational adaptability. 

INTERNAL/Core Phase 

  • Session 6 Relate the pelvis & legs (lower core).  

  • Session 7 Relate the pelvis, spine, & torso (upper core).
  • Session 8 Adaptability of the posterior pelvis & spine (lower spine). 
  • Session 9 Ease of the head, neck, & shoulders (upper spine). 

Integration Phase  

  • Session 10 Integration of the lower body.
  • Session 11 Integration of the upper body.  
  • Session 12 Whole-body resilience, closure, & next steps.

What comes after the 12-series?

For some people, the series doesn't matter so much, as they have a condition that I offer ongoing support in managing. I offer that way of working, as well. 

It usually takes clients 12 sessions to complete the thematic explorations of the series. For some it may take more, others less than 12 sessions to reach closure.

Either way, it's usually best to take a break to further integrate your experience. Closure is part of the work. Some people go through the series, we thank each other, and I never hear from them again. Others continue to work with me to revisit parts of the series, deepen understandings, and explore new themes on an occasional or ongoing basis.

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of us working together on an ongoing basis, or continuing our therapeutic work together though either a single or multiple-session "tune up," please reach out.