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Relieve Pain, Improve Posture, & Feel Better in Your Body


Structural Integration (SI) treats you as a whole - not just a collection of parts and symptoms. It offers an effective, natural solution to pain & discomfort that can help you become more resilient to injury, stress, and fatigue, and discover more ease & enjoyment in your daily life.

If you can imagine how it feels to live in a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with itself... then you will understand the purpose of Rolfing.
— Ida Rolf, PhD, from "Rolfing and Physical Reality"

Experience the Benefits


Relief from Pain & Stress

How we use our bodies is often a major factor in chronic pain, stress, fatigue, and discomfort. SI helps you release painful, stressful patterns of tension, replacing them with comfort and ease.   


Better Posture & Movement

The moment you stop thinking about your movement and posture, you're back to your old habits. SI helps you learn how to maintain your alignment effortlessly.  


Lasting Change

The 167 or so hours of the week that you aren't on a treatment table has more to do with your condition than anything. SI supports lasting change by empowering you with new options for movement, posture, and self-care.  


Natural & Effective

You may be hoping to avoid drugs or surgery. By addressing your whole system, SI offers a conservative approach that helps ensure contributing factors don't get overlooked. 

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Dan is extremely knowledgable. A few months back I was having problems with my hands and was worried I was going to have to stop working. In a few sessions my pain was completely gone :) I highly recommend his work.
— Luna C.
It’s been amazing. Each appointment brings changes to how my body feels and functions. I’m more aware of how I move and my movement feels more efficient. Difficult to put into words, but so worth it.
— Teresa H.
I have found this work extremely transformative, even life-changing. In addition to the integrative work itself, it furnished me with a great deal of information (intellectually and somatically) that is priceless.
— Taylor E.
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Experience the difference for yourself.

How It Works


Whole Body Approach

The body functions as a unit, so the location of our symptoms often isn't the source of the problem. SI addresses your entire body to uncover all your problem areas. That's why you'll feel benefit regardless of where you feel symptoms.


Balance & Coordination

Forced postural change doesn't last because this involves the thinking part of your brain, while posture and movement are actually coordinated responses to how you feel and perceive your spatial environment. SI addresses this.    


Advanced Manual Therapy

While SI is very different from spa massage, it still feels good. Techniques from myofascial release, neuromodulation, visceral work, and craniosacral therapy are used to help bring relief from pain and discomfort, and release stuck patterns.  


Somatic Education

You can think of pain, movement, and posture as habits that structure our physical experience. By understanding how you hold and use your body, and how pain and stress work, you can learn how to maintain the changes you experience long after you leave the treatment table.

What to Expect


Your first appointment will be a 30-45 minute consultation, free of charge. You may schedule this consultation on its own, or it may be immediately followed by a session. At your consultation I will take an extensive history, listening to your description of what you are experiencing, and ask what your goals are for the work. Together we will create a plan for how to address your concerns through our work together.  

After your consultation, we will begin your series. Each session involves assessment, bodywork to address your primary concern, and movement education that will help you find more ease in your daily life. Treatments are done on a massage table, seated on a bench, or in various yoga-like postures that support your ability to release deeply-held posture and movement patterns. Sessions last about 75-80 minutes, with 10-15 minutes for check-in/out. 

While I'm happy to customize the work to any number of sessions, the basic SI series, as I offer it, usually involves about 12 sessions. It's based on a general framework, but each session is tailored to you individually. The series is a comprehensive transformational process that can support most people to make dramatic changes in the way they think, feel, and move. Most people prefer to come every 1-2 weeks, though it still works well to schedule sessions up to a month apart.   


Daniel Akins, LMT, BCSI

Dan has been a manual therapist since 1999. He discovered SI while seeking relief from chronic pain. He found relief by the third session, but wound up completing the series because each session taught him valuable skills for movement, pain, and stress management that benefit him to this day. He's been helping people discover these resources for themselves since he became a Board Certified Structural Integrator in 2013.